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November/December 2009


From the Office of the Grand Knight:  

   The council had a busy September and October. In September, we kicked off the Right to Life Rose Drive, once again lead by PGK Pat Pecoraro, the collection will run through November. Your help is needed and I appeal to all brothers to collect for at least one mass during the drive.  A schedule is listed in the previous Star. On September 14th we held our Officers Installation Mass and Ceremony at St. Mary’s church. Although a small attendance was on hand, the ceremony was well presented. I want to thank the 4th Degree Color Guard for their participation and adding a sense of pomp to the proceedings. October was was begun with a pancake breakfast. We had good attendance for the event which ran from 8AM to Noon. Andy Onnacilla, who served as chairman did an exceptional job. Andy had the help of many brothers who served the guests. We heard nothing but favorable comments and inquiries when the next one will be. Great job Andy and thanks go out to all who helped. This was followed on Oct. 10 with the 17th annual Knight-Mason Charity softball game and 50 / 50 raffle. This year’s recipient of the proceeds was Jillian Elias. She was paralyzed from the neck down as a result of a horrific automobile accident. Her medical bills are in the tens of thousand of dollars and growing. As of this writing a final total hasn’t been determined as donations are still being counted. The game between the Knights and Masons was a good spirited game won by the Masons. The game was followed by a game between the combined teams of Knights & Masons vs the Bayonne Fire Dept. team. The Firemen prevailed in that contest. I want to thank all the brothers who participated in this annual fund raiser. These events that brought individuals and organizations together to work for a common cause is a perfect example of the principle of unity. Lets keep this in mind going forward in our work for the greater good of God’s glory. The Holiday Season will be fast upon us, let us all also keep in mind of the first principles of our order, Charity.                                                                                                                  



Richard Ludwiczewski, Grand Knight






C a l e n d a r  of  E v e n t s:  


30th-1st  Sat. Sun. - Right to Life - St. Henry’s                                                                                  

  2nd    Monday - Council Meeting 8:00 PM.

  7th - 8th  Sat. Sun. -  Right to Life - Mt. Carmel

14th - 15th  Sat. Sun. -  Right to Life - Assumption

16th   Monday - Council Meeting 8:00 PM.

17th   Tuesday - 2nd Degree 7PM.                                   

19th   Thursday - Columbia Holding Co. Meeting

21st - 22nd Sat. Sun. - Right to Life - St. Joseph’s

23rd  Monday - 3rd Degree Officers Meeting 7PM.

25th  Wednesday - 4th Degree Officers 7:30 Meeting 8:00


Brothers make an effort, attend a meeting, see what’s new in Council business.





7th   Monday - Council Meeting 7:00 PM.

          Keep Christ in Christmas Essay

17th  Thursday - Columbian Holding Co. Meeting

21st   Monday - Council Meeting 8:00 PM.

23rd  Wednesday - 4th Degree Officers 7:30 Meeting 8:00

28th  Monday - 3rd Degree Officers Meeting 7PM.





Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!


Third Degree: Officers meetings will be held on the 4th Monday of each month at 7PM.

      Please submit any information for The Star to Pat Pecoraro,PGK  201-436 3162 /  E-Mail







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Bayonne, NJ.

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                 Knights of Columbus                                    

                        Star of the Sea Council #371                                                                                     

                                              669 Avenue C     Bayonne, NJ. 07002





First & Third Mondays

 Of Each Month


Meets on the Fourth

Wednesday of

the Month




Wishing our Brothers and their families






Text Box:  
Saint Henry’s Church October, 31 - November, 1
4 Masses  Sat. 5:30PM.  Sun. 8:00AM. - 10:00AM. - 12:00 Noon.
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church November. 7- 8
6 Masses  Sat. 5:30PM.  Sun. 7:00AM. - 8:15AM. - 9:30AM. - 10:45AM. - 12:15PM.  
Our Lady of Assumption Church November, 14-15
5 Masses  Sat. 5:00PM.  Sun. 8:00AM. - 9:300AM. - 11AM. - 12:30 Noon.
Saint Joseph’s Church November, 21-22
3 Masses  Sat. 4:00PM. Sun. 8:00AM. - 10:AM
Right to Life:   To all our brother Knights’ so far we are doing great in our church collections, please check the schedule
 of Masses left. This is a good cause, make an effort, get involved, thank you.


Right to Life Schedule:






















Insurance: Any questions you have on these matters call Field Agent, Daniel Kurek at 201-615-4975 or E-mail

Wake Services: When the time comes we all want our fellow Brothers to remember us in a final prayer, so anyone wishing to participate in a prayer service for a deceased member, please contact and leave your name, phone number or E-mail address with Bob Garritano at 201-887-1145 or

Eyes for the Needy: We will be collecting old eyeglasses again, for information call Ted Hojnowski,FS at the council office 201-436-1492.

Members who have moved, please let the council know of any changes. Any members know of any Brother that passed away and the family hasn’t notified the council, if so, please call Teddy at the council office 201-436-1492. Thank you for your  help.



Columbian Award: The Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus has presented the Columbian Award to the Star of the Sea Council #371 of Bayonne. This is in recognition of major involvement programs in each of the following sections of  Services, Church,Community,Family and Youth activities in 2008 - 2009.

Bowlers: The 2010 International K of C bowling tournament

is scheduled for April, 16-18 in College Park, Md. This trip is

always the hi-lit of  all our trips. The Tournament is open to all 

bowlers members and no-members as well. Activities for the family are being planned so everyone can enjoy. Accommodations are at the Clarion Fun Dome which offers plenty for family to do, so bring your family and bowling friends and join us. For more info call 908-688-5001 or

Email  Bob Moskalczyk



Please help us update our records, fill out and return it to the council office.





Phone #______________________________E-Mail__________________________________

New Web Site, Star of the Sea council #371 of Bayonne, NJ.  Log on and see our latest calendar updates, and the STAR news letter, plus more information on up coming events. See the new building and book a room for you next party. In an effort to reduce our mailing cost for the council news letter, we are asking any of you who currently have email, E-mail the Council at please include your name.

Advertise your business card on the web site for $10:00 per year, thank you. Contact Dan Kurek @ (201)-615-4975 for more details.

Coming Events:

Annual Essay contest  “Keep Christ in Christmas”  on December 7, 2009.

Annual Free throw contest, in January,

Annual Spelling Bee, in February.

High School Scholarship Exam: on  February 27, 2010 see below for information.

Essay Contest: reading of essay’s “Keep Christ in Christmas”by the winners, will be held at our council December 7th, at 7PM. This contest open to 6th, 7th and 8th graders who attend a Catholic grammar or CCD schools in Bayonne.

March for Life:  Friday, January 22, 2010  “ March onWashington”, Star of the Sea Council 371 will not have a bus trip to Washington, DC., Try an make an effort to attend Mass this day, Thank you.


MEMBERS: We are asking our members to come out and support on all events that the Knights hold at our building. These events are to raise funds for ScholarshipRight to Life, Free throw, Spelling Bee, Keep Christ in Christmas Essay, Special Citizens canister drive plus Degree’s and other donations that we make all year. With out your help we can not keep these functions alive.Please show your support in the different fund raiser wehold. Paying your dues is not enough.


Christmas Seals : Use your Christmas seals on your cards and letters. We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Please return your envelope, every bit helps. Thank you.

 Dues Notice: A second notice went out to members who didnot pay their dues for this year, please try and get up to date.Dues for the new year, will start in January 2010.




************Knights of Columbus Catholic High School Scholarship Exam*************

The test will be based upon academic achievement and examination, it is open to 8th grade students planning to attend a

Catholic High School in September 2010, and who are children of member of  Council #371 in good standing. Dues must

be paid prior to the examination date. Applications must be sent to the Council to the attention of Thomas Zuber, PGK

c/o Knights of Columbus, Star of the Sea Council #371, 669 Avenue C, Bayonne, NJ. 07002 by February 1, 2010.

The Exam will be at 9:00AM. Saturday February 27, 2010 at Council #371.



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Intended High School___________________________________________________________________